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Related post: Date: Fri, 31 Dec 2004 16:03:15 -0600 From: H. Rick Cantwell Subject: Rascal Part 11Rascal Part Eleven Incest and Circumstances(M/M, M/F, Oral, Anal, Incest, Bisexual) This is a continuing story. Constructive criticism is welcome, at Mention the title in the Subject line or I might delete it by accident, thinking it's spam. Hearing from you and pantie child models NEW readers will help keep alive the desire to continue this tale. --Dick Hickey. If you're not old enough uncensored ls models to read stories involving graphic descriptions of sex between consenting males, or if such stories are illegal where you live, do not continue reading beyond this sentence.Rascal Part Eleven Incest and Circumstances When I first opened my eyes Saturday morning following the "Rascal" sleepover, I was a little confused. I wasn't accustomed to waking up with three tiny faces staring intently at my woody. Tyler whispered, "Look, they're moving again." I felt one of my balls rise as the other descended. I closed my eyes before school girl models they realized I was awake and then flexed my cock to make it bounce. "I can do that," Ryan said softly. "Me, too," Tyler said. "How long have you been getting stiffies, Tyler?" his sister, Taylor, asked quietly. "About six months." "How come you didn't child short model tell me? You tell me everything." "Well, the guys at school who get 'em get all embarrassed and everything." "Not me," Ryan said. "Besides, it was real little at first." "Well, it ain't now," Taylor pic young models said. "I guess I'll have to stop calling you 'little brother.'" I opened my eyes just enough to see Tyler grin proudly. "They're moving again," Tyler said. "See, I told you it was natural," Ryan said. "My dad's, your dad's and, now, Uncle Dickey's all move by themselves." "And YOUR dad wasn't even hard," Tyler said. Apparently, they had been awake for a while and been studying our equipment for quite some time. "So," Taylor said, "do you REALLY wake him up with a blowjob when you stay at his place?" "Yep," Ryan said. "Would he wake up now if you did it?" "Oh yeah," Ryan said, confidently. Through slitted eyelids, I saw both Ryan and Tyler had erections. "How long does it take, once you start, before he wakes up?" Taylor asked. "Anywhere from a minute to two ... or three. Sometimes, if he's dreaming, he takes longer" "Do you think I could do it?" Taylor asked. "Have you ever sucked a dick before?" Ryan asked. "No, but it looks easy enough." "When did you ever see a guy getting his cock sucked?" Tyler asked in an accusatory tone. "Last night when ... uh ... Dick was eating me out." "You saw Daddy suckin' me?" Tyler asked astonished. "If Jason was doing you," Ryan said, looking at Tyler before looking at Taylor, "and Dickey was doing you, then Daddy must have been suckin' me! Damn! I'd have loved to WATCH him but I played by the rules and kept my eyes closed. That means you two reneged, so you have to pay a forfeit." I flexed my cock to remind them I was suffering from a need to pee--or cum. It didn't matter to me which one, so long as I got relief SOON. Seeing my cock jump, Ryan said, "I'll tell you what. Try sucking me, and I'll tell you if you're doing it right. If so, then you can suck Uncle Dickey." Obvious from the look on his face, Tyler didn't want to be left out, no matter how bizarre things got, so he pouted. "What about me?" Then he used his thumb and forefinger to pull his hard-on down and let it snap back against his belly. "I'll suck you if Taylor ends up sucking me okay. Okay?" "No, amanda teen model I mean who do I get to suck?" Tyler said, snapping his dick again playfully like he'd found dream model bikini a new toy. "Well, you can suck me while I'm sucking you," Ryan said. "I want nn vip models to suck a grownup," Tyler whined. With all the chatter, I was just about to lose my hard-on so I moved my knee sideways along the mattress to make room for a cocksucker. I figured Lyle and Jason, if they were awake, were feigning sleep and listening, too. "Your dad's hard," Ryan said. "So's yours," Tyler said. "Wanna swap?" Ryan asked. "Sure," Tyler said like the boys were merely exchanging toy trucks. "Stand up," Taylor said, "let me try sucking you." Ryan laid on his back, instead. "Gotta do it from this position 'cuz that's how Uncle Dickey's layin'. Gently lift it up with one finger so you can suck it." Once she had it in her mouth, Ryan said, "Don't try to take to much or you'll gag. That'll wake him up for sure." Taylor sucked, for all appearances, like she chelsea teen model had been born doing it. "You sure you've never sucked a cock before?" Ryan asked. "Uh huh," Taylor said around Ryan's fat cock. "Whoa!" Ryan said, "You've got the whole thing down. Shit! With a little practice, you could deep throat Uncle Dickey." I almost said, "I don't care WHO sucks me so long as someone starts!"--but swimsuit models armpits I didn't. Then I felt a finger lift my hard-on from my belly and a warm moist mouth wrap around my cock. Even without looking, I knew it was Taylor because she tried to take too much too soon. She gagged slightly and backed off. I just knew in my mind that she was looking up at my face to see if I woke up. I let her think I was still asleep. When Tyler started sucking Ryan, I heard some slurping and gagging noises. "Easy there, stud. Take it easy. Get used to it a little nude gothica model at a time. Let it become your friend." The gagging stopped and soft sucking sounds alternated between Taylor on MY cock and Tyler on Ryan's. "Do it like this," Ryan said. Then, after he twisted into a 69 with Tyler, I heard his sucking sounds added to theirs. Listening to the sensual sounds coming from the boys caused my nuts to boil. As far as I'm concerned, there's no mistaking the sounds two boys make france model protest when they're enjoying sex. But since Taylor didn't use her tongue very much, I was in no fear of cumming too early. "Yeah! Now you got it," Ryan said. Then I felt the mattress jiggle as Ryan and Tyler moved off. Through slitted eyelids, I saw Taylor was face down in my crotch and not looking at me. I watched as Ryan and Tyler climbed on the other mattress where Lyle and Jason were lying--cocks rampant. I turned my face toward the boys and saw two beautiful full moons as they bent over to suck--from the sideways position--the men lying in repose. Shortly after the boys started sucking, I saw Lyle open his eyes, look over at me and wink. Jason, who was between Lyle and me raised both arms behind his head, gently cradled it in both hands, and looked directly at Tyler as he young bun models was sucking Lyle. "You're doin' fine, lad," Lyle said gently cupping Tyler's head in both hands. "Just a little less teeth." "Mmumph," Tyler acknowledged. Taylor looked at me and, when she saw I was awake, she smiled. "So, whaddya think? Something you'd like to do again, sometime?" I asked. "Mmm humm," she said without releasing my cock. "There's more to it than just sucking," I said. "When a guy's ready to cum, you have to decide if you're gonna swallow his load or jack him off till he climaxes." I was saying this more for Tyler's benefit than Taylor's because I was pretty sure he hadn't thought it all the way through. Tyler started gagging as he tried to deep-throat Lyle's nine- incher. "Why don't you try deep-throating your dad," Ryan said. "Then, you can work up brandy sweet models to the really big ones." Lyle patted Tyler's head art models forever appreciatively and said, "The boy makes a good point." "Come over here," Ryan said. Then, he gently spread Jason's legs apart so Tyler could crawl between them. "Your dad's got a slight downward curve. You can take him deeper from between his legs. Dad's curves to the right a little, so when you do him again, get on his right side. Okay?" "K." By that remark, I realized Ryan was already instilling confidence in Tyler, without making it obvious, by saying "WHEN you do". I've always been amazed at how someone as young as Ryan can learn such skillful positive reinforcement techniques. Within three downward passes, Tyler was taking his dad's full seven inches. After danish teen model a couple more moves, he was staying down for a three-count. "Oh, god," Jason moaned, "that's incredible, son. You're doing a GREAT job." "Hmmm." "Oh Jesus, Tyler, if you keep humming like that, I'll cum." Naturally, Tyler began to hum each time he went down for the three-count. "That's called a hummer," Ryan said, "and from the looks of your dad's balls, you're doing a good job. They're right up tight to his cock root. His stomach is doing crunches ... he's pretty close. I bet you're gonna swallow his blow, huh, Tyler?" Ryan's play-by-play was european models having its effect on me, as much as anything Taylor was doing and I said, "Taylor, I'm getting close, so if you ..." Her response was to start humming. Of course, she wasn't deep- throating me so it didn't have the same effect as Tyler was having on Jason. But she was taking about three-quarters of my cock--that was over eight inches--so she was giving good head, nonetheless. Then I felt Taylor's fingertips checking where my balls were. They were so tightly packed in my scrotum, it felt like they were being swallowed up by my asshole. Using darting eye movements, I silently relayed to Ryan his need to start working on his dad's cock. Lyle was gently stroking his cock during all this, so when Ryan sucked him, Lyle lifted his ass off the mattress from the sheer pleasure of it all. The grunts, groans, slurping, sucking and humming all sounded like a finely orchestrated symphony to me as my nuts started squeezing the cum up through my tube. "Here it cums, Taylor. Last warn ... ngh ... ngh ... Oh, shit!" I came big time. Just as I finished cumming, I looked over at Lyle. From Ryan's swallowing motions and Lyle's high-pitched squeal, I knew he was unloading HIS morning nutt, too. Then, Jason yelled, "Ahhaargh!" His hips made little jerking motions as his cum flooded his son's mouth. Some cum, ls models nicky but not much, leaked out of Tyler's mouth. After he swallowed as much as he could, he sat back on his heels, taking deep breaths. He swiped his hand over his mouth and tears glistened former childsupermodels in his eyes. "You okay, son?" Jason asked lingerie model blog with real concern after seeing the tears. Tyler fell forward onto his dad's chest and belly, causing Jason to grunt from the sudden and unexpected weight. "That was awesome, Dad. I just never knew it could be so ... exciting. Not just doin' it but all the things going on in my head ... wow!" "Yeah," Taylor said, wagging my cock, "I know it was great sucking this honker but to deep-throat Dad would be even more special." "You gotta try it!" Tyler said. "I wanna try more than that," Taylor said in a lustful tone. Rolling Tyler off his chest, Jason sat up as best he could. With the mattresses on the floor, there was nowhere to dangle his legs. "How long have you kids been up?" Then just as quickly, remembering Ryan's smart responses, he said, "I mean, awake?" "About an hour, maybe longer. Why?" Ryan asked. "Come here, little girl child," Jason said. When she got close, he put his hands on her waist and sniffed near her pussy. Then he stuck his tongue out and lapped at it, eventually licking inside it as well. Taylor's head snapped back at the first contact small teens model from the sudden delirious sensations coursing through her body. Jason let go and laid back on the mattress. "No cum and no talc taste." I smiled at him knowingly. "What are you grinning about?" "I think you're checking the wrong hole," I said. "Besides," Ryan said, "I would make her first fuck a memorable experience--not some throw away moment." "He's already told me to stay virgin for someone special," Taylor said. "Good." Jason said, "'cuz there's a lot we haven't talked about yet." "You don't have to worry, Jason," Ryan said reassuringly. Then with an impish grin he added, "She's got another virgin hole we haven't explored yet." "Ryan," I said, "that's not nice." "Sure it is. Haven't you seen it? It's sweet. I was suckin' on it last night in the pool while we were waitin' for you and young horny toad, here, to come out." Ryan said, thrusting his thumb at Tyler. Tyler smiled proudly at being called a horny toad. "I even got a taste of her pussy. I have to admit, I thought it would be kinda gross but it wasn't bad at all." "I thought sucking cock would be gross, too," Taylor said, "but it's not so bad. I was surprised with how much cum you guys produce, but otherwise ..." "Not everyone cums as much as Uncle Dickey," Ryan said. "Some of us don't cum at all," Tyler said so quietly that I was probably the only one who heard him. "And, of course, each one has a different flavor," Ryan added. "Really?" Tyler said amazed. "Yeah, it has to do with what the guy eats, I think. I know when ... uh ... this other guy childmodel spars gallery I know eats asparagus or broccoli, his spunk is a little rank." "We'll have to talk about a lot of things before we go any further," I said. "There's some physical and psychological aspects I'm sure you kids haven't thought about." "I'm hungry," Ryan said. "Can we eat?" "Sure," Lyle said. "Great!" Then, Ryan started sucking his dad's cock again. As Lyle pushed his son's head off his cock, he said, "Breakfast ... but only after you brush your teeth, dick breath." "Awh, do we have to? It'll wash away the sperm taste." "There's more where that came from," I said. "Get your ass in the bathroom." Six of us jockeyed for the two sinks. With the wall of mirrors, it was fairly easy to brush but with all that adult and youth flesh being reflected back at me by the mirrors, it was tough to concentrate on dental hygiene. As soon as Ryan finished spitting, he said, "Tyler, stand on the rim of the tub." Tyler did and Ryan immediately started sucking Tyler's cock. It surprised Tyler and he had to steady himself by gripping the glass door on one side and the wall on the other. "Don't take too long," Lyle said. "I'm gonna start breakfast." As I followed Lyle out, I slapped Ryan's ass cheek and said, "Listen to your dad." To my surprise, Taylor stayed behind. When the three of them walked in, they all had big grins. Because they weren't upstairs long enough to go in rotation, I'm guessing Taylor stayed behind to suck Ryan's big honker while Ryan sucked her brother. All Ryan got was dick breath because Tyler was still waiting for the main event to happen but Taylor might have ended up with cum-breath. I didn't check. Of course, if I knew Ryan, he would have asked her to share his load with him--and even her brother, one way or another. "The bacon smells good," Taylor said. "Can we have pancakes, too? They taste so much better when they're done in bacon grease." "You don't want eggs?" Lyle asked. "Yeah, I do! But I want pancakes, too. I know how to fix pancakes," Ryan said. "I can fix 'em." "I can fry eggs," Taylor said. "I can help." "I know how to make toast if anyone wants some," Tyler said, not wanting to be left out. "Well," Lyle said, "I guess we three can just get out of the way." "Yeah!" Ryan laura child model said, "let us fix breakfast. After all, you guys need to work on building up some more sperms. You've got a full day ahead of you." Lyle and I rolled our eyes as Jason shook his head in disbelief. I stepped over to Jason and motioned for Lyle to join us. Then I leaned my butt cheeks against the edge of the countertop, grabbed a cock in each hand and started a lazy stroking motion. Jason grabbed my cock before Lyle got to it so awesome model body Lyle gently jiggled my balls. We watched the kids, who worked with amazing first-time precision, as they grabbed bread, milk, eggs, and whatever they needed. While the fry pans were heating up, Ryan tried to balance a wooden spatula on the head of his seemingly ever-present hard-on. Just as he got it to stay there by itself, Taylor playfully swatted Ryan on the ass with the aluminum egg turner. A little later, when she least expected it, Ryan paddled her ass three quick taps with his wooden spatula. "Who wants toast?" Tyler asked, untwisting the bread bag tie strip. "I do," Taylor and Ryan said simultaneously. "You can't have toast AND pancakes," Lyle said. "Why not? I'm a growing boy," Ryan said, swaying his hips to make his erection slap side-to-side. "Me too," Tyler said, gripping his cock. "Okay, but if your mother finds out I allowed two starches in the same meal, it'll be MY ass!" "If she puts you in the dog house, you can come sleep with me," Ryan said. "I doubt either of you would get any sleep," I said. Breakfast went well, tasted good and the kids behaved at the table. Once again, Ryan laid tea towels on the seats of the dining room chairs for sanitary purposes. After Tyler rinsed dishes, Ryan and Taylor took turns stacking them in the dishwasher. We played porno Scrabble for an hour--without acting out the words, this time--before we all went swimming. There was plenty of grab-ass between the kids that overflowed to include the adults as well as some grabbing of cocks, pussy, tits and balls. In their own minds, Taylor and Tyler became "toys" to play with--instead of sister and brother--and they touched each other unashamedly. The intent of the weekend for the adults was to discover how the kids felt about everything that was happening but we also wanted the kids to have fun. A little later, we all agreed it was time to lounge by the pool. So, to my delight, Ryan started the delicate conversation of discovery for us. "So, Taylor, is this weekend anything like you thought it would be?" "Hell, no! I thought I'd be totally left out while you two guys played Nintendo or something. I knew you were an only child, so I figured you'd be a spoiled brat but you're not." "Well, I'm spoiled," Ryan said. "I get just about anything I ask for but I'm not a brat." "Most of the time," Lyle said. "Only when Daddy's around," Ryan said with a giggle. "I think it's awesome that you and your dad get along so great. At our house ... well, it's like one of those battle zones you see on the bikini models pictures news. Mom's always dragging us off to church. We don't always want to go but Dad can't do anything about it." "Well," Ryan said, "he's taking the first step this weekend. If you guys decide you like being here, then I'll bet he lets you come over more often." "I hope so," Tyler said. "I've learned more in the last 24 hours about how real people live than I have in the last 14 years." "Not everybody lives like this," Ryan said. "Daddy and I don't walk around naked all the time because Mom's here and she gets embarrassed easily. And sex is, like, out of the question when she's around. Besides, Daddy and I just started doing 'it' a month or so ago. He didn't want to but I kinda forced him. I'm like that. I get what I want, one way or another." "That's obvious!" Taylor said. "You see," Ryan said, "incest is considered to be like this really bad thing ... and I guess in some cases it is, but not in all cases. The way I see it, if nobody get hurt ... or pregnant, I don't see the harm in it. Of course, it would have to be, uh ... I can't think of the word." "Explain it to me," Lyle said. "Like you and me," Ryan said. "Between the two of us, we agreed it was okay." "Consensual or mutually agreed upon." "That's it. ConSEXual," Ryan said with an impish smile. "It wouldn't latina reggaeton models be right if someone in your family FORCED you to have sex with them but, hell, if you both WANT it, why not?" "But girls and boys shouldn't do it together," Taylor said, "b'cuz she could get pregnant." "Not if you just use your mouth," Tyler said. Then as if he wasn't totally sure about his remark, he said weakly, "Right?" "Right!" Ryan said turning from Tyler to look at Taylor. "That's what I mean. If you wanted to blow your dad or let him lick your pussy, then it should be okay--or Tyler, even!" "Eweh!" Tyler said in mock horror after all the two siblings had done in the pool--everything except screwing. "But there are a lot of people who are against incest," Taylor said. "If you ask me," Ryan said, "half the people who say they're against it would probably like to try it and the other half ... I don't know ... uh, just don't like having sex, anyway." I smiled at his irrational reasoning but he said it convincingly enough. "Think about it," Ryan said. "After the Flood, Noah had a wife, three sons and three daughters-in-law. The way I see it, the children of those three sons had to at least have had sex with their cousins. And if the guys kept their wives pregnant all the time, I'll just bet they were fooling around with each other, too. I think the guy who wrote that part of the Bible left a lot of the good stuff child galaxy models out 'cuz, otherwise, he wouldn't be able to get it published." Again I chuckled at his argument but I had to agree with his assumption. "Well," Taylor said, "the Biblical account of the Flood was just a re-telling of a story written hundreds of years earlier by an entirely different civilization." "Even ancient Greece had stories of incest," Ryan said. "They were plays actually because not everybody could read and write. Anyway, Oedipus had sex with his mother; Electra was in love with her father, Antigone was in love with her brother." "Really?" Taylor said. "Yeah. People who are against incest point out that all those plays ended in tragedy but you gotta realize, they only HAD comedy or tragedy--so go figure." "My English teacher says comedy is a lot harder to write," Tyler said. "That's why there's more dramas and reality TV than axami lingerie models really good sit-coms." "I think the Greeks wrote those plays to let their audience know that incest was as commonplace as comedy or tragedy ... or anything else their plays depicted ... you know, like war or whatever. Think about it, all those ancient cultures made a point of leaving those stories for future generations to read. To me, that means they were saying everybody's doing it. Not EVERYone but every society," Ryan corrected. "Otherwise, they'd have destroyed all the records and imprisoned anyone who recited it or talked about it ... or somethin'." "Yeah," Tyler said like he was an authority on the subject. "You've given this a lot of thought, haven't you?" Taylor said. "Had to. Daddy took a lot of convincing." "How come?" Tyler asked. "He was afraid he'd fuck up my head or whatever. Kinda like your Mom," Ryan said. She wants you to do things the Christian way but how can you decide if it's right for you or not? By right, I mean, what if you lived your life like your mom wants you to but then you kill yourself 'cuz you can't live your life the way YOU want? I think a lot of teens kill themselves 'cuz their folks won't let them be gay or love their daddy in that special way or stuff like that." "A girlfriend of mine killed herself," Taylor said. "Just the day before, she was bitchin' about how her folks wouldn't let her get a tattoo. Everybody at school asian indian model thinks what she did was stupid." "If that was the reason, then yeah, she WAS stupid." "I think it's about time for lunch," Lyle said. "I get LYLE'S cock!" Taylor said. "I get Spunky's" Tyler said. "I'm talking about real food," Lyle admonished. "Let's move any further discussion up to the kitchen." Following everyone up the stairs was a visual treat. There was Tyler's butt, just losing its baby fat but not yet fully developed with muscles. Taylor's was fleshy and filling out the way girls' butts do. Lyle's was rock-hard melon mounds from all his strength training. I recalled Ryan telling me that Lyle scheduled three business meetings a week at the gym just so he could stay fit and trim. Jason's butt cheeks, I noticed for the first time, were small compared to the rest of his body. And, of course, Ryan's. Looking at his butt never failed to put the diamond tip on the drill bit between my legs. During lunch, Ryan regaled his guests with the events surrounding our spaghetti dinner night. Everyone laughed when he related how the meatball in his mouth looked like--in his mind--a cock head going in and out of his ass muscle. After a lull in conversation, Tyler asked, "How is it that Ryan has all these experiences under his belt and I don't have any?" "Actually," Ryan said, "my life's pretty dull. It's not like this stuff happens to me every day. I go weeks without anything like this sleepover happening. Then chloe 18 model BOOM! If I talked about all the down days, it would be boring but all you've been hearing about are my BOOM! days." "Kinda like when luba nude model people write books," Taylor said. "They leave out all the minute to top models teens minute stuff like 'I woke up and then I threw off the covers before I got out of bed and then I put on my slippers after I put on my robe and then I walked into the bathroom'." "Yeah, yeah, I get it!" Tyler whined. "But to answer your question," Jason said "Ryan has always been given ... a lot more freedom that you two." "Not only that," mandy model Lyle said, "but he tends to create his own ... opportunities." "I'm living proof of that," I said with a chuckle. "Me, too," Jason said. "If he hadn't talked me into ... well, that's ..." "Giving me a blowjob at work," Ryan tattled. "Sometimes I invent ways to meet guys--and girls, too, from now on--but sometimes, I just fall top model teen into it, like ... like ... a cow patty into a meadow. In fact, if we ever need any Viagra, I know where I'm gonna get it." That comment caused me to wonder who he had his sights set on to conquer next. However, I said, "Then there's Kevin, my old lover-turned- tormentor-turned friend. Now that Lyle's got HIM involved, I'm sure he'll be lots of help finding new adventures for Ryan to experience." "Me, too," Tyler said. "I want to play, too." "Me, too," Taylor said. "I'm afraid what Ryan gets himself into isn't always playful," Lyle said. "Sometimes it's very petite plus models rough and at other times, it's even painful." "I can take it," Tyler said. "I've survived Taylor THIS long, haven't I?" Taylor stuck out her tongue, playfully and said, "Hey, I can be tough, too." "Problem is, most of Kevin's friends are only interested in guys." "But I wanna learn stuff, too," Taylor bellyached. "I'll tell you what," I said. "If Lyle and I feel there's an opportunity for you to ..." "Participate," Lyle suggested. "... then we'll include you, Taylor." "But I'm a guy, so I can be included, right?" Tyler said confidently. "We'll see," Lyle said. "Awh, that's just another way of saying 'no,'" Tyler whined. "Why can't I?" Ryan smiled at me because we knew it meant 'yes' whenever Lyle said it. Apparently Jason--or maybe his mother, Sherita--equates it to 'no.' "Ryan's already had a lot more ... experiences," Lyle said. "How can I get experience if I can't join in?" "He makes a good point," I reasoned. "Ryan's gonna be going through some strength and flexibility training and I'm not sure you'll be ... up to the task," Lyle said. "How can I get 'up to the task' if I can't train, too?" "I know," Lyle said, turning to me, "he makes a good point." "There might be some logistical problems," Jason said, trying to help Tyler understand why it wouldn't necessarily work for him to join Ryan in some of his adventures. "I've got something in mind for both of you," Ryan prepube models said, "now that I know Tyler's not a pussy and Taylor's not a dick about this kinda stuff." I smiled at how easily Ryan's nimble latina model pix mind used gender reversal references to make his point. "When?" Tyler asked. "Whacha got in mind?" Taylor asked, getting up to start clearing the dishes and not the least bit shy about her nakedness. "I'm not sure. Eastern, where I go to school, has a couple of events coming up and they want the students to get involved." "Can we get out of school to help?" Taylor asked her father. Jason said, "I'm not sure we can arrange that. Not for young pre model THIS kind of activity, anyway." "At least one of 'em will be on the weekend or after school," Ryan said. "If they're not grounded for misbehavin', then I suppose it could be arranged," Jason said. Taylor started jumping up and down, her petite breasts not quite bouncing japanese teenmodel rika but certainly showing signs of trying to defy gravity. Tyler jumped up and hugged amateur model 'jaden' his dad. "We'll be good, I promise." His erection slid along Jason's biceps, causing Tyler to olivia teen model shiver but he didn't deliberately bring any additional attention to his hard-on. Then he helped his sister as she continued to clear the table and take the dishes into the kitchen. While the two of them were gone, Ryan asked, "If I pick Tyler up, can he ride the bus with me?" "I'm not sure that's safe." "I ride the bus all the time. I'll protect him." "I'll vouch for that. I think Ryan has every route memorized," I said. "He could go to self-defense training with me. Besides, it'll just be until I get my real driver's license." "It would save you and Sherita a lot of driving around and coordinating of modelos famosas desnudas efforts," I suggested. "Fine by me, then," Jason said. "I'll clear it with Sherita." "It'll give her an opportunity to check out Ryan, too," Lyle said. "Is that a good idea?" Jason cruel rape model said with a devilish grin. "Ryan will be such a charmer, she'll never know he has an evil streak," Lyle said. "I've seen him in action." "Me, too," Jason said. When Tyler amazon women models and Taylor returned, Lyle said, "Tyler, are you going out for sports this year?" "Yeah. If it's okay with Mom, I'd like to try out for soccer." "He played T-ball when he was younger but got frustrated because he had trouble spotting a ball that small." "Basketballs are bigger," Ryan said, "and it looks like he's gonna have some height to him." "There's less physical contact with soccer," Lyle explained. "Or, at least, there's supposed to be." "I've decided it'll be HIS decision," Jason said, "but archery still isn't out of the question, either." "Yeah, Ryan, Dad's 2011 vehicle models gonna take me bow huntin' in the fall," Tyler said as Ryan helped Taylor and Tyler take the last of the dishes to the kitchen. "Does St. Sebastian's teach archery? That would be ironic," I said. With an uneasy smile, Jason said, "Yeah, you're right." "Why's that?" Lyle asked. "St. Sebastian was a Christian who was martyred after being shot full of arrows," Jason said. "Oh yeah. I've seen paintings that depict it," Lyle said. "The reason I asked was because I was wondering if Tyler will be needing a jockstrap?" "I suppose so," Jason said thoughtfully. "Well," Lyle said, "if it's okay with Dick ... uh, Spunky, Ryan could pick Tyler up on the bus and take him over to Dick's on Saturday. Dick's taking Ryan to Corbett's to get his first jockstrap." "It's okay with me," Jason said. "Got any idea how much they cost? I'll get you the money." "My treat," Lyle said. Jason had heard me speak often enough about Lyle's generosity and how I learned not to even suggest paying for something that's been offered, so Jason didn't try. "Want to go downstairs and let the kids fend for themselves or join them in the kitchen?" I asked. "Either way, we have to go through the kitchen," Jason said. "Coming through," Lyle said before we got to the open doorway. "Come on in," Ryan said, "we're not doing anything you haven't seen before." Following Lyle and Jason into the kitchen, I saw Ryan and Taylor sitting on the kitchen counter. Tyler had his face in Taylor's crotch and his left hand on Ryan's cock. "Now, put your other hand on her boob," Ryan said. Tyler did as he was told, fumbling a little in his attempt to find his sister's breast because his head was looking down into her lap. "There," Ryan said, "now that's a three-way. Well, the start of one, anyway. After you lick Taylor's pussy for a while, you can switch back to sucking my dick." Tyler moved his head over far enough to suck Ryan. "While you're doin' me, I could lily model gallery be kissing her or I could rub her pussy. The whole idea of a three-way is for everyone to do everything. Of course, you shouldn't do anything you don't want to do." "But you should try it at least once, right?" Tyler said, coming up for air. "Right. There's a French word for it ... uh ..." "Menage a trois," I said. "That's it. Menage a trois is easier if you're on a bed or on the floor. Kitchen counters aren't designed for sexual functionality," Ryan said. "What are you guys gonna do?" Taylor asked the three of us. "We were thinking of going downstairs," Lyle said. "Ryan," Jason said, "I want to know what you two did up north after Dick left. Your dad said he wouldn't tell us. He said it would have to be you who la models amanda told us, if you wanted us to know." Ryan looked at his father and said, "You really wouldn't tell 'em?" "Nope." "Is it okay if I tell 'em?" Ryan asked with a hint of pleading in his tone. "I know it would be contrary to the 'Don't kiss and tell' rule, but ... I'm so proud of you, Daddy." "What's the qualifying event that allows you to kiss and tell?" Lyle asked. "Insurance." "Insurance?" Taylor asked. Her snippy-little-brat tone had returned. "They don't sell insurance for that." "Since you guys have proven that you're okay with incest, that's the insurance, so it's okay to tell you." "They experienced a little bit of model photography teen it," I warned, "but we can't be one-hundred percent sure they're okay with it." "Yes we are," Tyler argued. "Yeah," Taylor said, "I'm okay with it. I'd suck Dad right now to prove it." "Me, too," Tyler whined plaintively. "Yeah, I'd suck you, too, Twerp!" Taylor said. "No, I mean I'd suck Daddy again to prove it." Then with a devilish grin, he stepped up to Taylor, flopped his cock at her and said, "But if you insist." "Go away, I want to hear about what they did up north," she said, flapping her hand like she was shooing away bothersome gnats. "Let's continue this downstairs," I suggested. Always the director, Ryan had Lyle, Jason and me sit on the sofa facing the pool. Then he had us spread our legs with Jason's knees touching the guys next to him. Tyler was positioned on the floor between my legs and Taylor between Lyle's legs, leaving Jason the odd man out. "Everybody comfy?" Ryan asked, facing us. Not waiting for an answer, he said, russian model gallery "After Uncle Dickey left ..." "Spunky," Tyler said. "Spunky ... left and we watched the car on the monitor until they got onto US-75 South ..." "What monitor?" Tyler asked. "Lyle had a tracking device put on the car," I said, "among other modifications. They watched a blip on the screen." "Oh," Tyler said a little disappointed. "No, we didn't have a dash cam or satellite tracking," Ryan said. "I don't care about THAT," Taylor said, irritably, "did you do it with your dad?" I got the impression Taylor wanted to reassure herself that incest with one's father was actually allowable--or acceptable. "Well, it depends on what you mean by 'it,'" Ryan said coyly. I could see Taylor was losing her patience but kept quiet, probably because she didn't want Ryan to clam up and not tell her what happened. "If by 'it,' you mean 'did I jack him off?' yeah. ftv models wallpapers If by 'it,' did I ..." "Ryan!" I admonished. "Oh, okay ..." Ryan said, pretending to be sorely reprimanded. "While I watched the computers," Lyle said, sandra model preteem "Rascal tried to distract minichamp models me." "That wasn't meant to be a distraction." Then Ryan said like he was hurt, "It was meant to be a testament of my love for you, Daddy." "What was?" Taylor shouted exasperated. "He let me suck his dick," Ryan said. Then Ryan decided to sit cross-legged on the floor in front of Jason but facing us. "But ... I thought you did that out in the woods," Jason said. "I did, but I didn't know it was Daddy because he had that mask on. As far as I was concerned, he was just another dick to suck, so it didn't mean anything. To actually kneel in front of Daddy and suck his cock and know it was HIS cock I was sucking on ... man, I get chill bumps just thinking about it!" "You really love him, dontcha?" Taylor said. I watched Ryan look at his dad and knew there was some new bond between them. Something that wasn't there when I model porn blowjob first asian sexmodel met Ryan. "How did he taste ... you know, once you knew it was him?" Taylor asked. "First of all, he wouldn't let me suck him off all the way, you know, until he CAME. He'd make me quit just before. I got so frustrated once, I jacked off into my hand just to get a taste of cum." "I knew I didn't have the stamina that Ryan has, so I had to pace myself," Lyle said. "After all, I'm not as young as I was last week." "That's just an excuse he uses 'cuz he wants to roll over and go to sleep after he cums," Ryan said. "Me, too," Tyler said. "I'm guilty of that," Jason said proudly. "After the guys got on the interstate, I talked Daddy into getting in bed. He was reluctant as hell but I wore him down. All the while, he was spewing out rhetoric about how unconventional it was and how society frowns upon it. I told him society didn't need to know. Anyway, I told him I wanted him to just lie there and let me make love to him. If, after I was done, he never wanted to do it again, then I'd understand. I started at his feet. I kissed 'em, licked between his toes, sucked each toe into my mouth. Daddy has the most beautiful feet. Just look at 'em." Dutifully, Lyle lifted his feet for miss teen models inspection. Ryan leaned over and sucked Lyle's big toe into his mouth and Lyle's cock started crawling along his thigh like it wanted to get hard. "While I worked on his knees and thighs, I put my dick between his big toe and the next one and fucked it back and forth. I wanted so badly to suck his cock again but I passed by his tool. His thighs are ultra-sensitive on the inside. Hey, Taylor, just lightly run your fingertips along the inside of his thigh and watch what happens. Tyler twisted to look at Lyle's crotch, too, as the flaccid pecker started to wake up and take notice. "Is yours sensitive?" Tyler asked, running his hand gently along the inside of MY thigh. "Must be," I said as we watched my cock jump. "What about you, Daddy?" Tyler and Taylor said at about the same time. They both ran a hand lightly along his sensitive inner thigh. Jason's cock sprung to full hard. It looked like one of those long clown balloons that fills up quickly and suddenly. "Wow! You ARE sensitive," Taylor said. Then she gently gripped her dad's erection and gave it a couple of light strokes. "That feels so ..." She hesitated to think of a word. "Suckable?" Tyler asked. "Fuckable," Taylor said, blushing. Seeing Taylor was uncomfortable after her observation, Ryan said, "I wanted so badly to suck Daddy's cock again but I bypassed it so I could move up to his belly button. I French-kissed that leather lingerie model dimple till my tongue was raw. Well, almost. He had shaved his body--everything, everywhere--and there was stubble in his navel. But I kinda liked the feel of it, since I haven't started shaving, yet." Taylor ran her hand over Lyle's belly ebony thong model and along the hair line from his navel to his bush. "Ewwh, it feels so scratchy." "That happens when hair grows out," Lyle said, "The sharp ends take a while to soften up--or dull down, as the case may be. I'll tell you one thing, I'll never do it again. It itches like hell until it grows out. In fact, the hair growing back between my ass cheeks feels like sandpaper when I walk." "We'll get to your ass later," Ryan said. "I believe that's young latex models what you said that weekend, too," Lyle said with a smirk, "but, as I recall, there was a little more tiny models beach malice in your tone." "Ignore him," Ryan said. "Those are just the ramblings of a paranoid child molester. Anyway, when I got to his nipples, I had to pull my cock out from between his toes so I nestled it young models bound between his thighs. That way I could kinda dry hump him and suck his nipples at the same time." "Dry hump?" Tyler asked. "Well, a true dry hump is with your clothes on and no penetration but, since I don't pre-cum a lot and since there wasn't any real penetration, I think of it as a dry hump. Anyway, Dad's cock was rubbing against my chest and belly as I squirmed up and down. His pre- cum asia sexy model made my chest and belly all slick and slippery so when I raised up to start kissing his neck, Daddy ..." Ryan looked at Lyle for permission. Lyle beat him to it. "I licked my juice off his belly," "I just about creamed right there," Ryan said. little inocent models "I was so horned up from sucking him, and from doing the 'around the world' thing, that I had to actually grip my balls and squeeze real hard to keep from cumming." "Around the world?" Taylor asked. "It's a tongue bath, up the front and down the back, catching the sides in-between." "I'm too ticklish for that," Tyler said. "Not when you're horny," Ryan said. "I'm ticklish, too, but when Daddy started licking my belly, I just melted. I was so ... feeling my daddy's tongue on my skin was like igniting a space shuttle. You know, that blast of fire out of the propulsion jets, abs models wagon the shimmy of the rockets struggling to lift off and that sudden surge when it does. And it wasn't just my jizz that felt that way, it was my whole body. My emotions--passion, sympathy, humor, relief, comfort, hope--everything wonderful." I saw Tyler looking at his dad longingly. Taylor had a similar expression--not lust exactly, more like an appetite for the forbidden. "I crumbled under his onslaught and started kissing his ears and eyelids," Ryan continued. "I even licked my tongue over Daddy's eyebrows and lightly over the tips of his eyelashes. I put his whole nose in my mouth and, using my tongue, memorized its contours. Big nose, big hose, you know." Everyone instinctively looked at Lyle's nose, then down at his hose. "Well, yeah, when it's hard, maybe," Lyle said defensively as he blushed from the compliment. As if on cue, his cock puffed to full hardness. Looking around, I noticed all the guys had boners just from listening to Ryan. Mine, although hard, stretched down over my balls to lie within centimeters of Tyler's head. "I kissed Daddy," Ryan said. "I've kissed him before, you know, friendly little pecks and, one time, I gave him a real kiss. But when I kissed him this time, for the first time in my life, I felt my love was being returned to me through his lips and his tongue. When he Frenched me, I exploded. I cummed all over him. I couldn't help it. I no longer had control of my emotions. No ... that's not true. I no longer felt the need to SUPRESS my emotions. We were free to be ourselves." "Whenever my son is in my arms," Lyle said thoughtfully, "it's like I can see better, understand things more clearly. Think of it as a solar eclipse. I'm the adult--the earth. He wraps his arms around me and it's like he's the moon and the moon blots out enough of the sun that I'm no longer blinded by the light that comes with being an adult. I can see things more clearly because I can look at life objectively. I understand things better because I reduce them to their basic structure, like kids do. When sveta child model my son is in my arms, life is simplistic, devoid of embellishments." "And that's a good thing, right?" Ryan asked hopefully. "Oh ... my ... yes, son. Very much right," Lyle said with love dripping from every word. "Did you ... uh, you know, take him up the ass?" Tyler asked. "Not Saturday. On Saturday, he let me finish the 'around the world.' I licked his armpits, and rimmed him. Like I said, he was shaved, so it felt kinda weird. I like it a lot more now that he has his fur back." "A little," Lyle said, rubbing the returning pubes lightly, causing his erection to wobble. "He's not furry," Taylor said, reaching up to run her hand over Lyle's chest. "It's just right ... kinda like Dad's. Then she knelt and ran her hand over her dad's chest--one hand on Lyle, one hand on Jason. Her breasts were resting on Lyle's left thigh. Tyler got on his knees and rubbed my chest. nonude models tgp "I like it smooth, like Spunky's ... not that I don't like Dad's chest." Taylor lowered her hands to grip Lyle's and Jason's cocks, giving them a languorous stroke. "These are so nice," she crooned. "This is, too," Tyler said, fisting mine. "It's huge. I hope mine gets this big." "The funny thing about a cock is, no matter how big or how little it is, it produces the same amount of pleasure," I said. "For the guy, of course--his pleasure ... his ejaculation. For girls, a big one can be painful to ... accommodate." "Hey, I forgot," Ryan said. "I promised to measure you." He jumped up and olga ls model ran to the bathroom, back by the stairs. When he returned, he was holding a yellow cloth measuring tape. "Stand up, dude," Ryan said to Tyler. "We'll keep track of your progress. I started a couple of years ago. I went from like an inch to four inches in alexia teen model six months." "Not everyone grows at the same rate," I said. "Or starts at the same age," Lyle said. "I was almost sixteen before I started showing any real development. I had a three or four inch dick from the time I was ten or eleven until I was sixteen. Ryan looks like he might have gotten his growth hormones from his mom's side of the family." "We can get growth hormones from Mom?" Taylor asked. "I was thinking more from Amanda's father, actually, but yeah, I've heard SOME things are only passed down through the female genes." "Four-and-a-half, dude!" Ryan said proudly. "I wasn't that big a year ago. "You're doin' great!" I knew, from our talks, that Ryan was bigger than that a year ago but I thought it was nice of him to bolster Tyler's ego. "But it's so small when it's not hard," Tyler whined. "Most model group porn men are," I said, "and I've seen a lot of 'em. I think it's a way the body protects its ability to reproduce. It shrinks when it's cold or when a guy is frightened or in danger." "Oh," Tyler said, apparently not too pleased with the explanation. "I just wish mine was big all the time like Ryan's and Spunky's." Trying to change the subject, I nodded toward Taylor so Ryan understood she was being left out. "Hey, Taylor, want me to measure you?" "Sure," she said eagerly. Instead of standing, she stood more erect on her knees and thrust out her chest. Ryan wrapped the tape around her back and brought the ends together between her mounds. "Thirty inches. Is that good?" "I think so," Lyle said, "for a girl her age but I think you've got the tape too tight. It's supposed to be snug but not tight and I can see it digging into her back." Ryan loosened the grip he had on the tape and it slid out to the thirty-two inch measurement. "That's more like it." "Let me measure you." Taylor said. "No, I've got to get your waist size and hips. Don't girls have three measurements?" "Oh yeah," korean teen models Taylor my teen models said swimsuit young model standing up. "Hey, Tyler, keep it hard. I forgot to get your circumference measurement." Ryan said. Then he measured Taylor's waist. When he moved down to measure her hips, he tucked the knuckle of his right hand up against her clitoris as he pulled the tape tight and pinched the two ends together. Relaxing the pinch nonude preten models of his forefinger and thumb, he jiggled and jiggled his knuckle against her clit until the tape relaxed to where it was snug but not tight. "Ummm," Taylor said, appreciating the stimulation, and sounding like the purr of a cat. models nackt kostenlos Then she grabbed the tape and said, "Let's measure you." "Measure Tyler's dick all the way around, first." After Tyler stood up, Taylor wrapped the tape around her brother's erection. "Two and ... an eighth," she said. Ryan looked closely and said, "It's too tight. model blonde bikini Make it two and a quarter." I thought, 'About as big around as a tube of Chapstick.' Ryan thrust his pelvis at Taylor. "Now me. You have to put the end snugly into my pubic hair." "Yeah, yeah, I know." I wondered how she knew, so I'm sure her father was wondering the same thing. "Wow! five-and-a-half inches." Taylor said. "Hey," Ryan shouted proudly, "I've added a half inch since the last time I measured." Then Taylor measured Ryan's girth. "Four-and-a-half inches." Turning to Lyle she said, "How does he measure up compared to you?" "Oh ... he's gettin' there." Lyle said, looking down at his erection. "No! I mean, let's measure yours," Taylor said. "Stand up." "I gotta pee," Tyler said, anger in his tone that implied hegre model he didn't want to miss out on anything. "Have you got to pee or ... the other?" Jason asked. "He'll have to jack off before he can pee," Ryan said. Tyler looked down shyly, blushing. "So jack off," I said. "I'll tell you what. Sit in my lap and jack off. I'll rub porn top model mine against your back and we'll see who cums first." "I don't cum yet," Tyler said moodily. "I just get the ... feeling." "Orgasm," adult model agence Taylor offered. "Yeah." "That's fine," I said, patting my thighs. You jack off while Taylor measures Lyle and you won't miss a thing." "I'll jack off, too," Ryan said, moving closer to the sofa. Tyler got comfortable in my lap, snuggled close to my hard-on and began jacking. Using brazllian models porn easy upward thrusts, I moved my hard-on up and down between Tyler's lower back and my belly. "Ummm, you feel good like that," I said. "Maybe we can do this more often." Tyler's mood brightened. 'Ryan's merely toying with the idea of jacking off,' I thought, 'He's only doing it to make Tyler feel less conspicuous.' "It's between nine-and-a-quarter and nine-and-a-half inches long." Then she measured Lyle's circumference. "A mark or two over six-and-a-half inches. Damn! I bet that stretches a ..." "Go on," Ryan said. "Say it. Use the word." Taylor could say the word when it didn't actually involve the sex act, like 'She's such a dumb cunt,' but she always hesitated when it involved describing the real thing. "Cunt," she blurted out. "Can a ... pussy really stretch that far?" I smiled. "Have you ever seen the head of a newborn?" "Oh, yeah," she said, embarrassed. "Do guys REALLY take it up the butt?" "I do," Ryan said. "I do," I said. "And the rest of you don't have to answer that question. It's kinda like your new boyfriend asking if you're a virgin. It's a private matter." "Unngh," Tyler said. "It's startin' unngh ... to feel ... aaagh!" His hips jerked uncontrollably, his eyes rolled back and his tongue lolled. I could see his reflection in the sliding glass doors. 'God, I love the look some guys get when they orgasm.' After his shivers went away, Taylor said, "Can I measure you, too? Or did you cum?" "Yes and no," I said. "Yes, you can and no, I didn't." "Oh goody," Taylor said brightly. "Wait till I get back," Tyler said, bounding out of my lap and racing to the bathroom. When he got back, he walked up behind the sofa and leaned over my shoulder. "Okay," he said. "You gotta stand up," Taylor said. Looking over my shoulder, I asked Tyler, "Why don't you come around here and give me a hand getting off the sofa?" Panic flashed teen models underwater in Tyler's eyes. "It went little again, abercrombie model naked didn't it?" I asked consolingly. "Tyler, it's OKAY! It gets little. It gets bella teen model bigger. Someday, you'll be able to squirt, too. But until then, don't let it bother you." Reluctantly, Tyler walked around to help me get up. To his credit, he didn't try to cover himself with his hands, either. I didn't need the help to get up but HE needed to help, to get over worrying about his size. When I grabbed his hand, I was at eye level with his dick and saw it was an inch or less. Taylor grabbed my cock and measured it. "Eleven and a quarter inches!" Then, measuring my girth, she said, "Wow! Almost seven inches around!" "You know what?" Ryan asked. Then, before anyone could show any interest--or not--he said, "We should have a penis measuring party. Uncle Dickey, do you think Kevin could get some guys together?" "I suppose he could but what would be the purpose?" I asked. "Just to get a bunch of guys together ... naked ... and play with their dicks and stuff. Duh!" "I could take the measurements," Taylor said. "And I could write 'em all down," Tyler said. "You know, to make it all look official." "Hey, maybe we could offer a prize or something," Ryan suggested. "Like what?" Lyle asked. "We'll come up with something," Ryan said. "I'll talk to Kevin," Lyle said. "There's something else I've got to talk to him about, anyway." "Anything I should know about?" I asked skeptically. "No, no, not at all. It's just something I'm bouncing around in my head," Lyle said. "So, Daddy," Taylor asked, "you gonna let me measure yours? A glob of pre-cum erupted from Jason's piss slit like he'd been sitting there all this time just waiting to be asked--asked to be touched by his daughter in such an intimate way. Presumably, to take his mind off it, Jason said, "I was just thinking. Tyler says he wants to experience the stuff Ryan goes through from time to time ..." "Yeah, I do," Tyler said excitedly, obviously not caring what his dad had in mind. "I think he needs to suck all four of assemble model ap9 us off--non-stop." "Yeah!" Ryan said, "until none of us can cum anymore." The expression on Tyler's face was a cross between his ten best Christmas mornings combined and seeing the most frightful monster movie ever made. Even so, he yelled, "Yeah, let's do it. Who wants to go first?" "You mean cum first," Ryan said, "and I think you really should go by size." "I agree," Lyle said. "Cock size or load size?" I asked, knowing I'd be last on both accounts. "I can take 'em either way. I can. I promise," Tyler said, apparently fearing we'd change our minds. "Me," Ryan said decisively. Apparently Tyler wanted to get started because he dropped in front of Ryan and began sucking. The slurping sounds, although amateurish, were intoxicating nevertheless. I felt my own pre-cum begin its rise just watching his tiny mouth trying to accommodate the obscenely large cock jutting out from such a small boy. Ryan cupped Tyler's head and gently held it as he began thrusting his hips into the boy's mouth. "Might as well learn how the big 12yo girl model boys like it," Ryan said, "when a man's got a need to nutt." "Umm hummm," Tyler said in a tone of agreement. "Sweet fuckin' mouth, Ty. modeltoplist I'm gonna love fuckin' your mouth for a long time to come. But for right now, I've gotta cum. You ready, boy? You ready to guzzle my jism, swallow my blow? Unngh. Uhhhh. Oh, TY ... aaagh, now!" Ryan quivered and quaked like I'd never seen before. It must have been one powerful orgasm. I looked down between Tyler's legs and saw he was bone-hard again and his dick was jerking uncontrollably. sexy runway models empire paintball models I wondered if he was enjoying a dry orgasm or if it was just wagging from happiness like a dog's tail. "Who's next?" Tyler asked, taking a deep breath. Looking over at Lyle and then me, Jason said, "It better be me. Otherwise, he's gonna have to lick it up off the floor." "Then me," Lyle said. "And then me," I said. Tyler crawled on his knees to position himself between his dad's legs. He wasted no time sucking it. Jason's slight downward curve slid right down Tyler's throat like it was designed for it--like a scimitar into its scabbard. "Ooohh, son, that's so good. I love it. You enjoy this, don't you?" "Umm hummm!" Tyler agreed emphatically, still impaled on his dad's dick. "What about me?" Taylor whimpered petulantly. "Stand on the sofa, honey, and face me." Once she was straddling her father, her pussy american porn models was just about in the right spot. "Sit on my face, little girl child," Jason said, somewhat pleadingly, "Let daddy get a good taste of that honey pot." Lyle's cock, in the meantime, got so hard watching the two kids pleasuring and being pleasured by their dad that in my mind's eye I saw Lyle's dick skin split open, just to make room for expansion. "Oh god, Daddy," Taylor said, "we've gotta find a way to do this at home, too. I can't wait for the weekends or ... oh , yeah, keep doing that with your tongue." Her shoulders began to quiver and then the shivers ran down her torso to be expelled through her cunt in the form of an orgasm. When Jason's tongue felt Taylor climax, he hunched his hips and began dumping his spunk in his son's mouth. Tyler's eyes widened at the unexpected blast but metmodels gaby futura he stayed down and swallowed valiantly. After Jason went soft, Tyler crawled over to Lyle and began sucking. Lyle reached out his left arm in an attempt to convince Taylor to stand in front of him. Because he was on the end of the sofa, she bent at the waist and held onto the back of the samples nn models sofa to support her upper body. Lyle began tongue-fucking her just as Tyler scooted around Lyle's right ls model mpegs knee. Following Ryan's advice from earlier in the day, Tyler began sucking Lyle again from the right side, since Lyle's cock curved that way. It wasn't a hyper-extended curve but it was enough of one to make you gag if it got lodged in your throat wrong. I knew from experience. 'Thank you, god,' I thought. In the meantime, I looked over at Ryan who was gently stroking his erection. "Come here." I said. He moved his hand and I sucked on his cock for just a moment as it extended over the sofa's armrest. "Save the cum for Tyler, promise?" Ryan just nodded his head as he quietly watched the erotic performance of fellatio and cunnilingus being enacted before us. From his enraptured expression, I expected to see him drool at any moment. I alternated sucking and stroking Ryan, knowing he would be ready to blow another load as soon as Tyler was done with me--'if he ever gets to me'. In the meantime, my own pump primed itself and leaked even more pre-cum just from watching Tyler suck Lyle's nine-incher. In a whisper, I said, "He's almost all the way down. Think he's gonna do it?" "If it kills him," Ryan whispered. I knew the blood, pounding from excitement in Tyler's ears, kept him from hearing a word we said. Jason casually reached between my legs, never once taking his eyes off what his son was doing, and squeezed my cock. Once he felt the slippery pre-lube, he swirled his hand all over my cock, just about bringing me off. I gritted my teeth from the pleasure to hold back the flow. Jason stopped suddenly and began stroking his own cock, using my pre-jizz as lube. "Thanks," I said. "Just makin' sure you're ready," Jason said. "Wouldn't want to renege on a promise I made to my son." I saw a smile curl on his lips like he knew there was no way I wouldn't be ready. Again, Taylor started her orgasm and shortly thereafter, Lyle laid one hand on Tyler's head to warn him he was about to cum. Lyle groaned loudly into the cavern that was Taylor's cunt and began squirting his load down Tyler's throat. Tyler backed off but never let the cock out of his mouth. Using his tongue around the crown and suction along the shaft, he cleaned Lyle up slick as a whistle. Tyler sat back on his heels for just a moment, relishing the taste as he digested Lyle's spunk. "Bacon. It tastes like bacon. Ummm," and he licked his lips. Then, like a jungle cat, Tyler crawled toward me at the other end of the sofa. Jason grabbed my cock again and wagged it like live bait. Tyler's eyes never left the tower of flesh his father was holding up for him to suck. The heat generated by the look of lust in his eyes could have started a forest fire. I'd never in my life felt more like the vulnerable prey. It excited me all the more. "Be careful, son," Jason said as he aimed my cock at his son's mouth. "Don't take too much at a time." Tyler pounced on my cock, getting a lip lock on it that would impress a thousand-dollar madam. "Ooohhh, shit, Tyler. Take it easy or you won't get to suck me for very long. aprilaire model 4400 You're good, boy. You're a natural. Just do what you know how and ease it on down. That's it. Oh, yeah," I said as he slowly inched his way down my cock. I had produced so much pre-cum, he didn't need to go up and down on it to bobbie model forum moisten it. He just kept going down. When he got to about the nine inch mark, Ryan said, "Breathe." Air whistled up Tyler's nostrils. He had just taken Lyle's nine inches but I didn't know if he could accommodate two-and-a-quarter more or not. "There's no shame in it if you can't take it all, Tyler. We can work on deep-throating it later. We don't want to end up taking you to the hospital ... oh my god! Oh shit!" "He's done it! He's deep-throated Uncle Dickey!